Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So Valentine's day is coming up. C and I basically don't do Valentine's day. We never have that I can remember, and I'm ok with it. Really. It's always seemed like a made up occasion to sell greeting cards and overpriced flowers to me. Maybe I'm just unsentimental. I've been accused of that before...
This year I'm finding myself getting more into holidays in general though, because L is finally old enough to get excited about them. I had meant to make some fun decorations with him, but I've sort of let the time get away from me. We did make some cards for his favorite cousin, and will likely make some more. I'm also planning on letting him help make some cupcakes (funfetti cake mix, anyone?) and also maybe some sugar cookies. I scored the coolest little mailboxes at target yesterday in the $1 section. I'm planning on making him several cards and filling it with candy. He loves mail. And candy. Not real ambitious, but we're in survival mode around here. I suppose they'll be time for made from scratch goodies and handcrafted decorations another year.
What are you doing for the kidlets this year?

On a totally unrelated note, and in the spirit of Martha, some random good things from the last week or so:
*The new memory foam mattress pad. I can sleep again. Well, in 1-2 hour increments, as the baby allows. Totally worth the money. I wake up feeling sort of human again.
*Making everyone who comes over play Rockband with us. It's such a funny way to find out how talented (or not, as the case may be) your friends and family are.
*A trip to Goodwill, in which I scored a couple of cool books, some old avocado green electric scissors, some vintage little people accessories for L, and cool new in the package Hungry Caterpillar puzzle for L, among other things. I love thrift stores.
* The kids have actually been playing together some, as opposed to L yelling "no sisty," and snatching toys out of V's hands. They're so cute together. It makes my heart almost explode. I hope they grow up to be friends.
*Getting back into church. We've been going pretty sporadically since V was born. Things have been so hectic and unpredictable here. It's been easy to that on the back burner. We've been making a concerted effort though, and it's worth it.

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  1. I love thrift stores too! I'll have to try the Memory Foam ....