Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Did you hug a tree today?

Well, we didn't literally, but we did some other stuff.
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We painted some egg carton bugs and caterpillars. I'll post pictures after we finish putting their legs and antennas on. L had fun mixing colors, and we ended up watching a cool video on color mixing when we came inside later. After we were finished, L did a bit of painting on paper.
We also made these adorable hand print Earths, which I found here Just For Fun: Celebrate Earth! I just used blue paper for the background, since L usually has a short attention span when it comes to painting. I was so impressed that he actually let me get paint on his hands, since that's usually a no no. They turned out so cute. We talked about recycling and keeping the Earth clean while were doing our painting.
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I also made another batch of t shirt bags.
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This time I played around with the shape a little, rounding the corners. I think they came out better this way, and look a little more like bags, and a little less like, well, t shirts. I noticed after the fact what an eclectic assortment I ended up with. There's a VBS one from a couple of years ago, my much loved, but now very stained with baby spit up Grateful Dead shirt, and the Rush concert shirt, from the very first concert I ever went to. (My then boyfriend, now husband wanted to go see Rush. In case you were wondering...) I used one of these bags at the grocery store the other day, and it worked fine. I'm stoked to have more now.

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