Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy almost birthday, little man.

Well, we're not back to ourselves yet, but we're on the mend, I guess.
L's 4th birthday party is coming up this Sunday, and I have to do the requisite amount of cleaning and panicking before we fill our very small house with about 20 people. He's having a Tonka Truck themed party. I was thankfully able to buy most of all of the supplies, so I won't be crafting much of this party. I am planning on making the cake. I'm going to cover the top with crumbled up cookie "dirt", and decorate it with some little Tonka Truck toys. I'll post pictures if it turns out well. I'll probably also post pictures if it doesn't turn out so well. I've been burning everything lately. The kids get me distracted.
I can't believe L is almost 4 years old. That suddenly seems like such a big kid. All those old women at the grocery store who tell you (while your kids are crying, or throwing groceries out of the basket, or talking loudly about bodily functions,) that you should enjoy this time, because it goes by so quickly, are right. It does. Sometimes I wish I could press pause just for a little while.

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