Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WFMW Make your own feltboards

First of all, I cannot take credit for this idea, because it isn't mine. I had seen it discussed around the web several times, although I can't remember specifically where. Second of all, please don't blame me if your printer malfunctions as a result of this idea. Use your judgement, and if you have a fancy schmancy printer, think twice.

Having said all that, here's my tip. Did you know that you can use nonfusable interfacing to print your own feltboard pieces? You can pick up the interfacing just about anywhere that sells fabric. You'll want fairly thin interfacing, since it has to go through the printer. I purchased several types to experiment with. I found that the super thin, almost vellum like interfacing is too thin. The pictures don't end up very vibrant, and it didn't have enough nap to stick to the feltboard. The next thicker one was perfect. You'll need to cut the interfacing to printer sized sheets, and then go to town, printing clip art or whatever. You do have to watch the printer, to make sure it doesn't jam.

I went to the nickjr website, and printed some Yo Gabba Gabba feltboard pieces for the kids, and they love them. I've even had to wash them once because the baby got them icky, and they came out fine. (I didn't dry them though...)

Anyway think of the possibilities could have feltboards of favorite storybooks, cartoons, or just about anything else. (The interfacing is cheap too!)

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  1. Great idea! I will have to make a trip to the store for some interfacing soon!

  2. Oh, what a great idea!! You could print up almost anything...

  3. Perfect . . . I haven't posted my sixth craft till Christmas yet, but it's a felt board. Great addition to the stocking stuffer list.