Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby wearing help, please!

I need some baby carrier advice.

Carrying baby V in some sort of babywearing contraption is the only way I can get any housework done. When she was tiny, I carried her in a pouch sling, and then an *old* Snugli. For a while, she also let me wear her in a homemade woven wrap on my back. She eventually decided that was too confining, and won't go for it anymore, which is unfortunate, since it was fairly comfortable for me, and only cost $5.

About the only thing she still likes is the Snugli. It is terrible for my back and shoulders, and is leaving red marks on the inside of her thighs, in spite of the fact that she is tiny, and well within the weight limit.

I'm looking at an Ergo. V is 13 months old, weighs about 19 pounds, and loves to be carried on my back in the Snugli. Is that the way to go? Are they more comfortable to wear? Any other suggestions?

Money is an issue, and I can't afford to spend a hundred bucks on a baby carrier, and then not be able to use it.

A million thanks for any help. I'm desperate!

(Incidentally, this picture is pretty old, when V was 5 or 6 months old. She looked cute in the wrap, huh?)


  1. Steph talks a lot about the Ergo in this post: I hope that helps! Seems like a great one!

  2. We are big baby wearing fans around here. I have used just about every type of carrier. My husband and I's personal favorite is the Babyhawk Mei Tai which is a lot like an ergo except it ties instead of buckles. The ergo is a great carrier too, very comfortable, sturdy and worth the money, it's very well made. Both carriers seat the baby on their full bottom with good support unlike the Snuggli or Bjorn which have the baby seated on the spine which is very bad for the childs developement and comfort.

    I would check out this forum they have lots of advice and they have a trading post where you could purchase a used carrier or sell one that may not work for you.

  3. Yep, I think an Ergo would suit your needs. I'm pretty sure that still offers a 90-day return policy, so you wouldn't be caught having made a major purchase you couldn't use. (I'm not affiliated with them, just FYI.) There are probably other places with good return policies, so you can try it for awhile without risk.

    And definitely, she looks super cute in the wrap! I <3 wrapping.

  4. Definitely check out the babywearer forum BellaPepper linked to. I'd go for a mei tei in your postion I think - but I have no ergo experience, so that might be just as good.