Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thomas the Train School

I told my son we were going to start having "train school" for a while, and he asked "Thomas the Train School?" So for the time being, we're having "Thomas the train school". After we've done all I can think of relating to Thomas, I'm going to try to branch out to trains in general, and then other modes of transportation. Anyway, that's the plan.

Today we did some of the worksheets included in the CurrClick unit study I talked about the other day. They included a 2 mazes, (he loves these and he's better at them than me,) a find the things the Troublesome Trucks mighty carry sheet, and a really fun gluing activity where you glue all the parts of Thomas together, sort of like a puzzle. He also colored a cute generic train picture I found online. (I know many kids his age would not enjoy doing 4 worksheets at once, but L does. He also races through them, and is done in just a few minutes. I wouldn't want you to think I had the poor kid chained to a desk for hours...) We also did a math activity that I came up with. I printed some train themed sorting sheets with numbers 1-5, and the let him put the appropriate amount of toy trains on each page. I'm planning on expanding this a little at a time, and going up to 10, or 15, or however far we can. (He whizzed through this at warp speed, so I'm thinking it wasn't challenging enough to start with.) Finally, we read several Thomas books, and started talking about what letter and sound some of his favorite trains names start with. After that, we came back in the house and made some train candy with some Wilton's candy melts, and a train mold I bought a while back. I'm not hugely fond of the way candy melts taste, but you can't beat the "wow factor" of molded candy as far as little ones are concerned.


  1. We recently did some train activities...but not as many as you! I posted two crafts.

  2. Here is a fun "free" train activity...I did it with my four year this year and he loved it...