Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things I like Thursday: File Folder Games from Integritas Academy

It's been a while since I've done a Things I like Thursday post, but I have a fun one today. I've been following a blog called Learning At His Feet for a while. It's written by a homeschooling mama with lots of little ones. (I'm pretty much in awe of her teaching and organization abilities. I can barely manage my 2 children sometimes...) Anyway, she wrote a post recently, saying that she was starting a business selling educational materials, and was looking for reviewers to create some buzz about her new products. I volunteered, and was allowed to pick 3 File Folder Games. I chose Letter Match, Busy Buzzing Numbers, and Seasons Change. It's taken me several weeks to get around to cutting out all the pieces and laminating them, but I finally got around to trying them out with L today.
I was impressed first of all that most of the illustrations in the games are actually hand drawn. How cool is that? ( I can barely draw a stick person. Seriously.) My son enjoyed all three games, but I think he liked the Seasons Change game the best. The premise behind it is that you are to help the fox figure out which clothes are appropriate for the season, (as determined by the background in the picture). Easy enough, and yet not something I would have thought of. L liked it, and completed it quickly.
Next he played the Busy Buzzing Numbers game. The idea here is to count how many flowers are in each arrangement, and then match them with the corresponding number, (which is located on a picture of a bee). L had fun with this one as well, and he made up a story about helping the bees find their honey...something fueled by watching Bee Movie this morning, I'm sure. ;)
Finally, we played Letter Match. I knew this one would be the most challenging for L. He knows all his uppercase letters, but I knew he'd have trouble matching them with their lower case counterparts. He gets confused by the lowercase b, d, p, and q, which all look similar. He got about halfway through the game before getting frustrated and saying he wanted to stop. We'll try again soon.
I really liked these games. L did too. When we were finished putting away the Letter Match game, he said he wanted to play another one. You can purchase these games, and lots of other ones at The price for a PDF download of any of the 17 File Folder Games on the site is a perfectly reasonable $3. For $15, you can purchase a CD ROM containing all 17 games. Shanna is also looking for other bloggers to review her games, and finally, you can receive a free game of your choosing, just for signing up for her newsletter.
Go check out all the available games, and support another mom.


  1. That looks absolutely wonderful! Thanks for pointing them out!

  2. Lisa,

    Thank you so much for reviewing our file folder games. I'm THRILLED that you liked them!!