Saturday, September 19, 2009

Word World Unit Study, Week 2

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This week we continued with the Word World theme. Due to a whole host of issues, we didn't get as much done as I would have wanted.
(Husband's unfavorable schedule? Check. Multiple church activities? Check. Church committee deadlines? Check. Uncooperative preschooler? Check.)
At any rate, we did what we could.
We finished making our poster, (shown here, in the picture.)
We made Play Doh letters and words.
L finger painted, much to his horror. (Sensory issues.)
We made the Word World lapbook, which I found here: (By the way, she has tons of cool toddler/preschool lapbooks to download. I've bookmarked several for future use.)
L made a darling self portrait. It was sort of a big deal for me, because he has a hard time using appropriate pressure when writing, and as a result, most of his work consists of faint scribbles. (I'm trying to think of a way to incorporate his picture into the grandparents' Christmas gifts.) We practiced writing the letter W.
We started reading the first series of Bob books.
We watched lots of Word World movies, and practiced spelling along with the show.
We used alphabet rubber stamps to "build words."
We read our Bible.

So that's our week in review. Our theme next week will be Apples.


  1. My boys LOVE Word World! Looks like you got a lot accomplished this week! =)

  2. You could frame it. We use my kids drawings for wrapping paper, but that's going to destroy it. Maybe make a collection of them and then bind it in a book.