Sunday, October 4, 2009

Preschool Week in Review

I wasn't feeling great this week, so we had sort of an "unschooly", nonstructured week. Instead of sitting down and doing everything in one sitting, we did things in little bits and pieces throughout the day.

We read mountains of books, which was nice. L discovered a new favorite, Pigeon finds a hot dog. We've read it at least a half dozen times every day. We read some Shel Silverstein poetry, which L enjoyed. He's been very much into rhyming lately.

He's been talking about volcanoes a lot, so we read several books about volcanos, and then did the old baking soda and vinegar volcano. He loved that.

We practiced Spanish with Boca Beth. Baby V even joined in trying to say some Spanish words.

We also did some work in a Pre-k workbook.

Our theme for the month of October is going to be fall/Halloween.

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