Monday, October 26, 2009

Rattlesnake Rules (Book Review)

As a member of the Mama Buzz review group, I was recently sent a review copy of Rattlesnake rules, by Conrad J. Storad.

Rattlesnake rules is a unique book, in that the first 2/3 of the book is a typical children's story format, while the last third consists of nonfictional information about rattlesnakes, and a curriculum guide.

The story follows a mommy rattlesnake, as she teaches her babies all the things they'll need to know to live on their own. (My first response was "hey, snakes don't take care of their babies." I had to stop reading and Google it, and found that I was incorrect. Some types of rattlesnakes do actually stay with their babies for a while after they're born. ) The story includes factual tidbits about rattlesnakes, like what they eat, and how.

The illustrations were cute, with mommy snake wearing pearls, and the babies wearing baseball caps and hair bows. I thought that was a nice take on trying to make snakes seem "cuter," and perhaps more likeable.

The second part of the book includes lots of trivia, a facts vs. myths section, a words to learn section, and a number of cross curriculum ideas to extend the theme.

I thought this was a neat book with a cool format, and I really liked the second portion of the book. My only issue was that although the information I received said it was appropriate for children aged 4-8, I really thought it was too "old" for my 4 and a half year old son. I wasn't able to hold his attention long enough to read the whole book, and I know that he didn't understand a lot of the information. I can see this being a useful book for a 7-9 year old child, who would "get" more of the vocabulary and so on.

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