Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Advent Activities 2009

I'm determined to actually start the advent activities on December the first this year, so I've been brainstorming about what activities we'll do, so I can buy and make whatever we'll be needing in advance.
Most of these activities will be for 4 year old L, although I'll try to include baby V when I can. I thought I'd share my plans, in case anyone else is trying to come up with stuff to do.
In no particular order, here's what I've come up with:

Ice cream cone Christmas trees
Cover sugar cone with green icing and dyed green coconut, and turn upside down. (Will look something like a pine tree. You could also add sprinkles or candies as ornaments.)

Decorate gift bags
Have the kids decorate brown paper lunch bags. To use them, fold the top down, punch two holes, and thread ribbon through to tie a bow.

Make cards for L's fav people.

Make gifts
Help L make necklaces or bracelets with plastic beads for his favorite cousin, and whoever else he wants.

Church Christmas party
The kids get to decorate a premade gingerbread house, and meet Santa. Lots of fun.

Make gifts
Decorate bookmarks with drawings, fingerprint pictures, stickers, or scrapbook punches to give to friends and family. I'll laminate them.

Go look at Christmas lights as a family

Decorate the Christmas Tree

Decorate Christmas Cookies
L's attention span usually doesn't last long enough to bake and decorate the cookies, So I'll probably bake 'em and let him decorate.

Christmas movie marathon
As many children's Christmas movies as we can find, with popcorn, candy, and soda. (Shhh...I'm know I'm supposed to say we'll be eating carrot sticks and drinking organic soy milk. Don't tell, ok.)

Make tie dyed coffee filter snowflakes.
I made a post about this last year. Fold coffee filters, dip edges in food coloring. Unfold and let dry. Cut into snowflakes. Iron flat. They're awesome.

Read about the real reason for Christmas in the bible.

Decorate felt ornaments.
I'll cut them out and sew or glue them together, and L can decorate with glitter. He loves glitter.

Paint ornaments.
L can paint blank wooden ornaments from Hobby Lobby.

Shopping for gifts.
I used to do this with my nieces when they were small. I'll be taking L to the dollar store to pick out some trinket gifts for a few of his favorite people.

The remaining days, the Advent calendar pockets will be filled with candy or trinkets, and or course, the plans are subject to change if we all get sick, or things get too crazy. In that case, they'll be more candy and less activities.

What are some of your plans?


  1. Some of our plans include: jiffy pop and hot chocolate for late night snack, making handprint and foot print reindeer, taking food to an elderly neighbor, coloring Christmas themed pictures, and making rice krispy treats.

  2. I love the snowflakes and Christmas tree with ice cream cone ideas. I am still in the process of making our plans. I did post our countdown activities yesterday though.