Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fabric Stashbusting Projects

I love fabric. And yarn. Over the last 10 years or so, I've amassed way too much of both. If I start now, sewing and crocheting with both hands, and my feet, I'll probably still never use it all. I've been giving some away on Freecycle, and now I'm determined to start using some of it up. I generally make a lot of our Christmas gifts anyway. I've committed to making as many as possible from things I already have this year.

It's hard to part with vintage fabric. I have a dumb tendancy to want to hang on to it until I come up with just the right project. I decided to dig in and make a few (simple) things recently. (My sewing machine is desperately in need of a tune up. Simple is all I can manage right now.)

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First I made this little mat for V out of vintage terry cloth. It's the right size for her to have a little picnic or tea party in the backyard, which she really enjoys.

(Look at her face. I love when they're this impressed by something so simple!)

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Next I used some more vintage fabric to make a couple of small throw pillows. I've been looking at this fabric for about 10 years. The scale is too big to make anything other than a tote bag or a pillow, and it was also a border print. I think these turned out cheerful and pretty, and am leaning toward using them on our patio furniture.

I've got several other projects in the works. If my frenemy, the sewing machine, holds up, I should have a couple of things checked off the Christmas to do list in the next week or so...

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