Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Make a Counting Game, Personalized to Your Child's Interests

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I whipped up a little counting game in print shop for L. Basically, it just consists of 3 rows of 4 squares. In the first row, are the written words for the numbers, in the second row is the numeral, and the third row of squares is left blank. After printing and cutting out the squares, the blank squares are filled with the appropriate amount of stickers.

The goal is to match the correct 3 cards together. I got the idea from a puzzle set L has, along the same lines.

Since I saved the basic template, when I want to make a new game, with different numbers, or a different type of stickers, it's no big deal to print a new game, I just have to fill in the new information. Easy right?

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I made a set for our upcoming bug unit, and also a Pokemon set. When L gets proficient at these numbers, I'll print a new set, with higher numbers...

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  1. Fun! Love the idea of being able to change the theme. I'm your newest follower! =)

  2. Lisa, looks like a fun activity and it's so nice that you can customize for different themes and interests. Tomorrow you'll be one of our featured participants☺