Saturday, May 15, 2010

Montessori Hack: Busy Board

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After investigating several versions of "busy boards" online and in various books and catalogs, we decided to construct our own. The board part is a little chopping block we got on clearance at Ikea a while back, for another project that never came to be. We've been picking up odds and ends when we're out to add to the board, and will continue to do so until it's full. Some of ideas were directly inspired from ready made versions, others were off the top of our head.

This project had the added benefit of being something L and his daddy could work on together. (I love that.)


  1. That's awesome! Love that there is more room to grow with it!

  2. great idea! :) I love things that keep the girls busy, thinking and imagining like that!

  3. This is so great. I want to go make one right now!

  4. Awesome idea! Found you through "No Time For Flashcards". We will be homeschooling our girls as well and our family is vegetarian :). Using Sonlight at the moment and loving it!!

  5. What's he using the spoons for?
    And as a side note, I bought a puzzle board like that on clearance and was way more excited about it than my kids ever were.

  6. The spoons were something I saw in a book, although they were using metal spoons, and I can't seem to find any metal ones, currently. They're using them to nest them back into the correct order by size. It's sort of self correcting, you really can't fit them together the wrong way.
    I can't tell you how many times I've been really stoked about some sort of educational do dad and the kids couldn't care less.
    L really enjoyed getting to make this one with his dad, but Baby V (now 2,) has actually been playing with it more.