Monday, May 24, 2010

What We're Reading

I love to read. I always have. When L was born, I was excited to read to him, especially in that newborn-captive-audience stage. After a a year or two, I got sick of reading Hop on Pop, and The Cat in the Hat, and started looking for other options. After all, at that early age, I think he was more interested in snuggling with mommy, and listening to me talk than what I was reading about . I remember reading magazines out loud to him, as well as long passages in the Bible. When he was about 2, I read him Robinson Crusoe at bedtime, because it was a story I liked.
Then came the preschool era, when he had very distinct opinions about what he wanted to read about. For several years, it was a combination of Dr. Suess and Thomas the Tank stories, day in and day out.
Now that he's a little older, I'm having fun reading him some of my childhood favorites. We're working our way through the Ramona series, by Beverly Cleary. I thought he'd enjoy reading about, and possibly relate to the mischievous little girl. We started with Ramona the Pest, in which Ramona is about the same age as him.
He's also enjoyed several books from the Magic Tree House series. I like that there is one on nearly any topic you can think of, and we've been able to tie a few into our unit studies.
His favorite books right now are Pokemon books, of course, but I've branched out from the little picture books, and we're reading the chapter books, which incidentally seem to have a better story line anyway. (Well, as good of a story line as you can expect from a Pokemon book. Ahem.)
What are your favorite books for a 5 year old?

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