Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crayola Goes Green Giveaway

Everyone knows that Crayola products are pretty much the gold standard for back to school. Their crayons, markers, and colored pencils are the best value for the money, offering high quality products at great prices.
What you may not know is that the Crayola brand is taking steps to produce more eco friendly products. Here is an excerpt of some of the specific ways Crayola is going green, as per the information I was sent by My Blog Spark:

You might have noticed while you were doing your back-to-school shopping that packages of Crayola crayons, markers and colored pencils have special icons calling out the way each product is lessening its impact on the environment. These affordable and "green" back-to-school essentials include:

 Crayola Markers - Thanks to new, innovative ways to manufacture Crayola markers from recycled bottle caps, "black" is the new "green!" Crayola markers will now have black barrels instead of white, which allows for more recycled plastic to be used and gives a second life to more than 1 million pounds of plastic bottle caps. Plus, switching to black barrels keeps hundreds of tons of plastic out of landfills each year. Available in 10-ct. Broadline Classic Colors, 10-ct. Broadline Assorted Colors, 10-ct. Fineline Classic Colors, 8-ct. Washable Broadline and 8-ct. Washable Fineline.

 Crayola Green 24-ct. Crayons - The quintessential school supply found in virtually every elementary classroom will be made with the power of the sun. More than 26,200 solar panels will convert sunlight into electricity, generating the energy required to make 1 billion of the 3 billion crayons Crayola makes each year, which equals 60 million 24-ct. boxes. Mother Earth will be smiling down on every forest green, pine green and jungle green crayon that rolls off the assembly line!

Crayola Green Colored Pencils - Committed to protecting the rain forests since 1987, all Crayola colored pencils have been made from reforested wood instead of wood sourced from tropical rainforest or endangered species. For every tree used, a new tree of the same species is planted. The 12-, 24-, 36-, and 50-ct. boxes of Crayola Colored Pencils will be among the first to carry the "Eco-Evolution" callout on their packaging.

My Blog Spark sent me a sampling of Crayola's new, greener crayons, markers, and colored pencils, and they've also volunteered to giveaway a package to one of my readers containing the same items.

For your entry, please leave a comment saying what you're doing to help teach the kids in your life about taking care of the environment. That's it! It's back to school time, and were all busy, so I won't ask you to leave a comment while juggling or standing on your head or whatever. :)

Don't forget to leave a way to be contacted if you are the winner! This giveaway will end 8/31/10, at midnight central time.

Disclosure: Crayola provided me with the products, information, and giveaway through MyBlogSpark, however the opinions expressed are my own. The children and adults in my household are huge fans of Crayola products, and regularly fork over our own cash to buy them. :)


  1. I teach my kids to recycle.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  2. I suppose we aren't as green as we should be, but we try not to waste, always recycle, and try to reuse things. We also pass along unwanted items to others instead of throwing them out.

    I'd love to win this. Though we just bought crayons (Crayola of course, we need other art supplies! derekannette at gmail dot com

  3. unfortunately, our town doesn't recycle anything but paper, so we are driving all of our stuff down to a nearby town. we clean all of our stuff so we are not getting flies and ants, and anytime we go, the kiddos are the first to ask now if we can take the recycling with us.


  4. we had a weekly everyday is earthday post and while we still do it weekly I hadn't blogged about it. anyway long story short starting tomorrow everyday is earthday is back on my blog :)

  5. We are SOO into helping the environment here! My husband is a Trader for our utility company and he is always teaching us about renewable energy! The kids recycle everything...we use so many things that some would trash and we build recycle robots...use them for crafts. Turning off the lights is a biggie here! Also growing our own herbs and veggies. We are starting a new unit soon in school called The Planet Protectors Club, offered FREE, thru the EPA on line. Can't wait! Love your blog! Please enter us in the giveaway!


  6. I teach my children about eating organic foods, recycling, and ways they can be greener.