Friday, August 27, 2010

Space Week 4: Planets (and other stuff)

This week was the final week in our space unit study. I had intended to tie up lots of loose ends that we started last week during planet week, and while we did do a few space related things, like this mobile I found at Olie Bollen, we sort of followed a few rabbit trails this week and got distracted.

Initially, I felt sort of guilty for deviating from the plans, but I have to remind myself that flexibility is a big part of why we decided to homeschool.
We spent a lot of time reading this week. A lot. L has has been able to read things like "Mat sat," since last year, but I've been waiting for him to really take the plunge and become a reader.
I decided to try a new tactic. We've been reading books together, some space related, some not. I read the book, and follow along with my finger, stopping at words I know he knows. He proudly reads the word in question, and I continue reading. Gradually, I've been helping him sound out new words, and now I can see him getting really excited, saying "I'm a great reader, aren't I mommy?" That's what I've been looking for. That spark of excitement.
We also spent some time watching some really fun educational DVDS. The kids cried a while back when I had to take Here Come the ABC's back to the library, so I ended up buying it for them.
Here Come the ABCs [CD/DVD Combo]

After doing some space themed copy work for several weeks, we also finally got around to starting the Draw. Write. Now. book for handwriting.  L and I both tried our hand at drawing a chicken, and he happily  copied the whole page of information. I think we're going to really enjoy this series.

In the carousel below, you'll find links to some of the resources we used this week.


  1. The flexibility that comes along with Homeschooling is wonderful for sure. Sounds like things are moving along nicely in the reading department!!

  2. This makes me miss homeschooling and not public school at home like we are doing now. We used to read A LOT!