Saturday, September 11, 2010

Duck's Alphabet Review

I've posted before about how much my kids like Word World. The folks at Word World recently contacted me about a new site called
It consists of  a series of 26 "game-isodes," one for each letter of the alphabet. Each "game-isode" takes maybe 5 minutes to complete. The kids get to pick a letter, are introduced to the sound it makes, and then help Duck complete various tasks, like choosing the word that has the appropriate sound, and identifying the correct letter from among several others. The format is pretty repetitive, which is actually a good thing. Once the kids know how to do it, they know how to do the whole series. After completing each segment, the kids get a reward, which is a coloring sheet featuring the letter and some of the objects from the lesson. Upon completion of all 26 "game-isodes," the kids are rewarded with an episode of Word World.
As you might expect from watching Word World, the animation is really cute, and the songs are catchy.
Both of my kiddos LOVED this site, and have been asking to work on it daily. V at two years old isn't yet able to control the mouse well enough to do it solo, but five year old L is. The kids have actually even been working on the site together, which is all but unheard of.
I think this would make a really fun addition to a letter of the week type curriculum for preschool and kingergarten aged children.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this review.

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