Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week in Review: Apple Week

This week we learned about one of L's favorite things: apples.

Here are some of the theme related activities we did.

I switched out last week's "pumpkins" for "apples" this week, and the kids continued with the tweezing activitiy.

L worked on an apple themed lacing card. He's gotten so much better at stuff like this. It's awesome.

He practiced writing some apple related words of his choosing.

We did the sort of obligatory apple printing. In the future, I'll be sure to pay a little more attention to what I'm doing. I thought I was pouring tempera paint for the kids, but it was acrylic paint. Oops. They made quite a mess. I was able to salvage everything except V's beloved Kai Lan shirt.

We ate lots of apple products. L is shown below, happily eating apple slices, apple Cheerios (yes, I know, that one was a stretch,) dehydrated apples, and drinking apple juice.

I made homemade apple scented play doh, as shown in the top picture. I must have done something wrong though. Although it smelled good, the texture was way off, nearly impossible to knead. I'm putting the home made play doh in the craft fail category.

I saw this post at Welcome to Our Wonderland, and borrowed her idea for the apple scented sensory tub. I put oatmeal, cinnamin, some small sand toys I found on clearance at Target a couple of weeks ago, and some teeny fimo clay apples in it. V's had a lot of fun making "pies" and making messes.

L and I spent lots of time reading. By the end of the week, he was able to read a good bit of Ten Apples Up on Top to me, which was pretty exciting for both of us.

To be honest, we've been a little lopsided here lately, very heavy on the reading, and pretty light on most of the other stuff. I'm trying to keep the momentum going though. He's excited about reading more and more, and for now, I'm going to roll with that.

Below are some of the resources we used and enjoyed this week.

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