Thursday, September 2, 2010

What a Week!

It's been an interesting week around here.
Monday night, my husband was helping his brother move when a porcelain sink broke, and badly cut his leg. He ended up having to get quite a few stitches, and missing two days of work, which is virtually unheard of.
Tuesday morning, I was doing a little rearranging when I accidentally dropped a little file cabinet on my bare foot, resulting in much pain and bruising, but mercifully, no broken bones that I can discern.
Tuesday night, V wasn't feeling well, and I found myself doing that most motherly of gestures, trying to catch vomit in my hand, so it wouldn't mess up the carpet. (Failure, by the way. I had to drag out the old Bissell, and clean the carpet.)
By Wednesday, we'd clearly lost our minds, because all the idle talk lately about maybe getting a puppy ultimately resulted in this:
Meet Cupcake.
I forgot what an undertaking it is to potty train a puppy. (Our other dog is 12 years old, and though we love her, she's pretty much like an old piece of furniture these days. She eats, potties, and otherwise just lies around decoratively.) L, the lone dissenter refuses to call the puppy by her name, instead calling her "Stripey".
Today, we went as a family for yearly eye exams. We did school (in the form of a workbook,) in the waiting room.
We've done school in bits and pieces this week. We're starting a month long unit on transportation.
I'm hoping next week is slightly less eventful, and we can back to our regularly scheduled programming around here. Thanks for hanging in there. :)


  1. I can totally relate. Let's pray next week is less eventful! Cute puppy!

  2. Oh - Bless you! Hoping everyone heals quickly and that you have a better weekend...

    Cupcake's such a cutie!