Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Are You Thinking about Halloween Yet?

It's time to start thinking about Halloween again.
L has decided that he doesn't want to dress up as anything this year, and doesn't want to go trick or treating. I've decided to roll with it, and not try to convince him otherwise. In previous years, we've persuaded him to do both, but to be honest he didn't have much fun. It's just not his thing. We'll be having a "party" for him instead. (By party I mean we'll be having cupcakes and candy corn, and watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.)
V has decided to be essentially the same thing she was last year, a fairy princess. We picked up a little dress-up outfit at Tuesday Morning that she just had to have, for about five bucks. Here's a link to last year's costume, which cost me a whopping $3, if you're interested in dressing up your little fairy princess on the cheap.
If you're looking for other cool stuff to make this Halloween, you could whip up some throw pillows, like the ones I made last year, or check out some of these cool tutes I've run across recently.

Vintage Halloween Garland, by Until Wednesday Calls (I actually made a variation of this a couple of weeks ago, and it's hanging in my dining room.)

These cool Halloween paper cuttings by The Shishi Girl (I confess that I attempted to make the bat garland but it didn't turn out quite right. My hands aren't very steady. Hers are great though.)

Cool printable Halloween alphabet, by Crafts Jr (Your kiddos could use these to make a pretty cool Halloween banner, or spell out their names.)

What are you planning on making for Halloween this year?


  1. We are hosting our 2nd annual Kids Halloween Costume Party, the day before Halloween. It's a big thing! About 20 families attend. Goodies bags, games, food and fellowship!

    We only let the kids walk around to a few neighbors but they get use out of their costumes at the party more.

    I made a costume for the girls this year...using tule and making no sew tutus. Molly will be a bee and Sam (not sure yet)...

    Zachary wanted to purchase a costume this year and we got him Bakugan costume...at least he will get great use out of it when halloween is over also.

    I just love this time of year!

  2. I love the idea of a "real" party. Ours will probably be just the 4 of us, unless my sisters decide to drop by.
    Our church normally does trunk or treat too, which the kids enjoy.
    I love this time of year too. So much to cook, make, and do with, and for the kids.

  3. OOOh, halloween alphabet. I love it! It'd be fun just to throw those out to the kids and see what they come up with. Thanks for sharing. Have fun with your fairy princess.