Monday, October 25, 2010

Chocolate Cheerios "Cupcakes"

When Cheerios asked me to come up with a Cheerios related craft or recipe to do with the kids, I decided to sort of do both, in the form of a crafty snack. (A reci-craft? A Craft-ipe?)

I knew you could make marshmallow cereal treats with virtually any kind of cereal, so I opted to substitute Chocolate Cheerios in the recipe on the back of the bag of marshmallows.

I did the cooking part since my kiddos are too young to be around the stove, and then started molding the hot mixture into a muffin tin to make "cupcakes." Messy? Oh yes, it was messy.

In typical "gotta do it now" mode, I dove right in while the mixture was pretty hot, and extremely sticky. (Next time I'd wait for the mixture to cool a few minutes before working with it.) The kids thought it was hysterically funny to see mommy covered in the sticky mess.

After I made the "cupcakes," it was time for the kids to get in on the action.

My son helped me frost some of the "cupcakes," and then it was time to liberally sprinkle each one with lots of tiny ghosts.

After my little sidekicks were done decorating, it was time to eat.

My two year old daughter pronounced them "scrumptious," and my five year old son declared them "delicious."

As far as I'm concerned, they were a hit. Making Cheerios "cupcakes" was a fun, easy way to spend a little time in the kitchen with the kids. We'll be making them again.


  1. oh my yummy :) my cousin would call these a diabetic coma :) she loved her sweets :)

  2. LOL. It's probably not health food, but it made a nice treat. :) Everything in moderation, right?
    (I know you're a vegetarian, so I thought I'd mention I made myself a vegetarian version of these, with marshmallow creme, instead of marshmallows, and they were yummy. Totally worth the caloric splurge.)

  3. cool thanks for the tip :) she use to call them diabetic comas (any sweet really) because she was diabetic so she would go into a coma if she ate them and it just stuck with me and I call sweets that :)

    are you one of the cheerio's moms? i tried to get in but guess i didn't

  4. those look awesome! we will definatly be trying them soon. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  5. Mmmmm! Those look awesome!! I want one!