Monday, October 25, 2010

Mario Brothers Felt Board

It seems that Pokemon is slightly on the decline around here, apparently due to a new found interest in Mario Brothers. L has been spending his days building elaborate Lego sculptures of Mario characters, and drawing scenes from video games.
I remembered having seen some pretty awesome Mario projects on Craftster, and after finding this fantastically done Mario felt board, I was inspired to make one for L. My original intention was to pretty much make an exact duplicate of the one on Craftster, and give it to L for Christmas. 
Once he saw the pictures I printed for inspiration, he went crazy though, wanting one NOW. As such, I ended up using permanent markers instead of embroidery, and whatever colors of felt I had on hand, even if they weren't quite right. I also didn't have one large continuous piece of blue felt for the background, but L didn't seem to mind. He spent several happy hours playing with this set.

Pretty fun, right? I'm partial to Mario too.

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  1. It looks great. My son has autism and is obsessed with video games. Pokemon is still huge but I would rather do Mario anyday. Point being: he doesn't play with toys. Just not intrested. Which should make Christmas very easy (his list is 2 video games) but you can't just give him that on Christmas. So we are re-doing his room in Mario. We are going to let him fall asleep in our room and when he wakes up his whole room will be done. And this is awesome! Some great inspiration!!!
    Hopefully I'll blog my room redo - you should stop by!

  2. That is awesome! Looks fabulous for just using what you had on hand!!!!

    Isn't it the best when they get so excited they just can't stand the wait? =) Maybe you could make a different scene from the video game for Christmas (like the castle or something?).

  3. Amanda,
    My son is probably on the autistic spectrum as well, and he is very much into Pokemon and Mario. I'm always trying to expand his interests from the actual games to other things like this.
    Does your little boy like Legos at all? My son uses his to build scenes from video games, which he then uses to replay scenes from the games.

    Activity mom,
    That's a really good idea. He'd probably like a castle felt board a lot. :)