Friday, October 8, 2010

Week in Review: Pumpkins

Our theme this week was pumpkins.

The picture above shows some of our pumpkin activities for the week: lacing, pumpkin counters, orange play doh and pumpkin cookie cutters, an eye spy bottle, a home made letter matching game, and a baby pumpkin.

I saw this post at ABC and 123, and used their idea to make the letter matching game. I did the alphabet in order, and also several words like "pumpkin," and "orange." Both kids enjoyed playing this throughout the week. (I picked up the magnetic wooden letters at Dollar Tree, in case you don't already have some.)

This set of fall themed lacing cards from Scholastic has been been included in several themes lately. Last year, L wouldn't have been able to do them at all. They're too easy for him now, (although still a challenge for V.) I'm thinking I may get some plastic canvas for L to start sewing on, to up the difficulty factor.

The kids love any excuse to play with play doh, and enjoyed making play doh pumpkins.

There were several pumpkin related activities we didn't get around to this week. We're currently operating as a one car family, and due to my lack of planning, (oops,) we didn't have several supplies. We'll just do them later in the month.

Although not pumpkin related, I finally got around to implementing this awesome idea, so my WordWorld obsessed kids could "build words."

Another non pumpkin themed activity the kids loved was the Cheese Its alphabet board from The Activity Mom.

We also did our usual mishmash of workbooks, handwriting practice, and so on. I'm having a hard time finding workbooks that suit L, all of a sudden. The kindergarten ones seem too easy, and the first grade ones seem too hard.

By the way, since you're here reading about pumpkins, go check out this great post full of pumpkin related activities from Welcome To Our Wonderland.

Below you'll find some of the books we enjoyed this week.


  1. Thanks for sharing the link to the block letters idea! Brilliant!

  2. So glad they liked the cheese its printable. It is a hit over here too! =)

    So excited to try the building words with blocks. Thanks! =)