Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Several years ago, when L was just a little guy, we made these together.

You fold a regular old coffee filter into 16ths, and dip the corners into food coloring dyed water. Unfold them, lie them flat on a paper towel, and let them dry. (They dry quickly.) The result is cool, tie dye effect.

After they dry, fold them back into 16ths, and with sharp scissors, carefully start cutting simple shapes into the edges.

When you're done, unfold them, and carefully iron the coffee filters to flatten them out.

In our case, because L was so little, and not yet able to do much cutting, he was in charge of the coloring portion of the project, and I did the cutting. An older child could make their own.

For the traditionalist, plain white coffee filters turn out pretty too.

We have some white ones hanging in our window, and the colorful ones are hanging in our dining room.

By carefully storing these, the colored ones have actually lasted us several years.

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  1. These came out really cute. I like this activity because it's simple and inexpensive. I've linked up to your post here: