Monday, November 22, 2010

Felt Photo Envelope

The rule in our family the last few years has been generally no gifts for the adults. Just as well, I suppose. The family keeps getting bigger, and the budget keeps getting smaller.
I make a few little exceptions though. One of them is a stack of photos of the kids over the previous year for aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Among the grandparents particularly, this seems to be one of the most highly coveted gifts of all.
This year I wanted a nicer presentation than just an envelope, but didn't feel like making photo albums or scrapbooks, as I have in previous years.
This was my compromise.

As usual, the picture is wonky, but the project is not. :)

It's a  felt envelope, embellished with a little machine embroidery, and trimmed with a vintage button. Easy, and quick to make, (I made several this evening,) but I think it turned out cute.
You could make a similar little envelope to dress up your gift cards too.

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