Friday, January 21, 2011

Easiest Pinata Ever

I've been Googling fun ideas for L's Mario birthday party, and have found some great ones, which I'll be sharing over the coming months.
One of the ideas I saw came a great party post at Giver's Log. The idea was to make a "pinata," minus the paper mache, out of a cardboard box. It's decorated to look like bricks, which the party guests can then punch, a la Mario, instead of whack with a stick.

I made my version out of a huge Cheerios box. With a ruler, about a dollar's worth of acrylic paint, and a yardstick, I was able to make a passable block of bricks.

It will be filled with plastic coins, Mario fruit snacks from Target, and Mario gummis I found at Dollar Tree.

Fun, super easy, and it cost about a buck.

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