Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't Lose Your Stuff, Get Mabel's Labels

A while back, my kids lost a Leapster.
I like to think it might have been returned to us, if our name had been on it. But it wasn't. 
How often do the kids come home from school, daycare, or church  missing their jacket, their lunchbox, or their sippy cups? (Mine regularly come home from church missing at least one item.)
Mabel's Labels, the fun, savvy company you've probably heard of around the blogosphere or in magazines has a solution to all those problems and then some. They have sticky labels, perfect for sippy cups and lunchboxes, (and all sorts of other things,)  iron on labels for clothes, and bag tags for backpacks and diaper bags.

It's not all kids' stuff though. They also have adorable mama cards and stationary, and (probably my favorite,) label packages for nearly anything in the house. They've got you covered whether you're a crafter, a teacher (or homeschooler,) or just a neat freak.

I was recently accepted into the Mabel's Labels Buzzmama program, and got to order a set of sticky labels for our family. I had fun personalizing the labels. You get to choose from between several color choices, and whole range of symbols. Everything about the transaction was awesome, from the emails along the way, letting me know my order was processing, to the quick shipping, (something I'd wondered about, since it's a Canadian company.)

Now, I'm labeling Gameboys, backpacks, and anything else that might get left at church, or a friend's house.  Thanks, Mabel's Labels for helping us keep up with our stuff.

Disclaimer: I was provided a package of Mabel's Label's products as a part of the Buzzmama program. No other compensation was provided, and the opinions here are my own.

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