Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WFMW: Make A Calendar of Summer Activities

I've already mentioned that we're homeschooling through the summer, in a relaxed, mostly child led sort of way.

In addition to that, we're going to try to take advantage of the many free and low cost summer events and programs available to us to try to get out of the house a little more.

I actually printed out calendars for the next couple of months, and plugged in activities whenever I knew about them, so that if we wake up bored on a Wednesday, we can look at the calendar and decide whether to hit up story time at the library or the art museum. (Both of these are free, drop in activities on Wednesday.)

My starting point for the calendars was this great post by My Dallas Mommy, a round up of activities in the DFW area. After that, I looked up activities on the local library's site, summer programs at nearby museums, events held by our city, the local nature center, etc.

It took me several hours to come up with three months worth of calendars, but now we can pick and choose activities whenever we feel like it, through out the summer, with very little planning or research.

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