Friday, July 8, 2011

Okra Painting

It's been up to a hundred and five degrees here lately. Our poor little garden is being sorely neglected. Other than turning the hose on and off, it's pretty much been left to it's own devices. I just can't make myself get out in the heat.

Garden veggies.

Miraculously, the garden is still turning out a handful of nice veggies every day or so. The picture above shows a day's haul. All in all, not to bad, except what were we going to do with two pods of okra?

Okra painting.

How about paint with them?

As usual, V had a blast with this, and L declined to participate in something so messy. The okra makes a pretty, flower shaped design, which V enjoyed "stamping" with.

Okra stamped gift bags.

I stamped some little paper lunch sacks to use for Christmas cookies, etc, later this year.

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