Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When the Going Gets Tough...

V's creations.

...crafty people make giant messes to distract themselves. ;)

My little crafting pal V and I decided to get a start on our Christmas crafting by making some glittered seashells, which will eventually be turned into Christmas ornaments.

My shells, nearly finished.

V used her favorite crafting medium, little tubes of glitter glue from the dollar store. I used super fine Martha Stewart glitter. It's gorgeous, but oh so messy. Despite a massive cleanup effort, our house is still kind of disco-y, and every member of the family, including the pets are still looking pretty festive.

She had a blast, and was very proud of her "fancy" shells.

My proud little crafter.

On a mostly unrelated note, thanks to those of you who left encouraging comments, or sent tweets about my mom. She had the big Dr appointment on Monday, and I think we're all feeling a little better. She's got lots of tests lined up in the next week or two, and it looks like if nothing else shows up, she'll be having a lumpectomy, and radiation. She's taking it well, and her prospects for a full recovery seem promising. I'm praying nothing else shows up on the scans.

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