Friday, September 16, 2011

Cute Thrifty Halloween Favor bags

Even though it's still not feeling very fall-ish here, Halloween is approaching.

When I stopped in Dollar Tree last week, and saw these orange totes, I thought they'd make cute little party favor bags. (L does not like trick or treating, so we have a little party here, with our immediate family every year.)

I'm too shaky to freehand anything with paint, so what I ended up doing was drawing the shapes onto the bags with a pencil, and then painting over it. (Don't forget to put some  wax paper or something inside the bag while you paint, so it doesn't soak through to the other side.) Alternatively, you could probably just draw the features on with a Sharpie.

I think they turned out cute, they're reusable, and considering I already had the paint on hand, these were uber cheap to make.

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