Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tie Dyed Kitchen Towels

Tie dyed flour sack kitchen towel.
We got a break in the weather yesterday, and the kiddos spent all afternoon playing in the sandbox on the back porch. As a result, I found myself with a few hours in which I could do something fun.

Here are a few of the pieces I made.

Another tie dyed flour sack kitchen towel.

Yep, another tie dyed flour sack kitchen towel.

Tie dyed flour sack kitchen towel, numero quatro.
 These were made using the white flour sack kitchen towels from Dollar Tree, and a cheap fiber reactive dye kit I picked up at Big Lots, of all places. (I've said it before, but if you want really vibrant colors, you have to buy dye from Dharma Trading Company. There's no substitute. These turned out ok, though.)

I'll be giving these out as Christmas gifts. People love them, and ask for them from year to year. They're a quirky, inexpensive, useful gift.

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