Friday, October 21, 2011

Ideas for a Frog Party, & Parties in General

The kids and I are getting ready to have a frog themed party, a LeapFrog party, in fact. (We're getting the opportunity to introduce our friends to some of our new favorite toys, namely the Tag reading system and the new, super duper cool, LeapPad learning tablet.) 

Crocheted lily pads.

We'll be having essentially a frog themed play date, and I'm having fun finding frog themed decor and activity ideas. I found this pattern for crocheted lily pads a while back, and took the opportunity to whip some up for the party.

I'm not sure how we'll be using them yet, because I can actually think of several fun ideas.
The kids could take turns hopping like frogs, flying like dragon flies, swimming like ducks, etc, from one to another.
You could play "musical lily pads," (like musical chairs.)
You could make a game out of tossing Beanie Baby frogs onto the lily pads for points.

Really you could make something similar for lots of party themes, and if you don't crochet, you could make no sew, felt versions. Using a few of our favorite themes, you could make Mario mushrooms, Pokeballs, bubbles from "Gabbaland," etc. You could then tweak the games to pretend you were Mario running, Yoshi jumping, etc, from one mushroom to another, or try throwing stuffed pokemon toys onto the Pokeballs for points...

I love themed parties...

Disclosure: We were provided with LeapFrog toys for the purpose of hosting an in home party. No other compensation was provided. We were under no obligation to review them positively. (We are however, smitten with them, and have been shouting it from the rooftops.)

Look for our party post soon.


  1. ...a frog party!...WHAT FUN!...

    Have a lovely day!

  2. I love frogs. And green. Sounds like a good time.