Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quick & Easy Crocheted Hat & Scarf

My nieces, (now in their early 20's,) like to tease me about giving homemade gifts for Christmas every year. They accuse me of having a "Little House on the Prairie Christmas."

The truth is, they love it. Some years they put in specific requests, some years I surprise them. They always know they'll be getting something you can't just pick up at your nearest box store. (I think the year I tie dyed socks and underwear for everyone was probably the most unique. Yes, I know that wouldn't fly in every family, but it did in ours. LOL.)

This year one of my nieces put in a request for a loud, rainbow-y hat. Her new mohawk is leaving her with a chilly head. (No criticism here. I currently have blue streaks.) I decided to whip her up a matching scarf to go with it.

The yarn is I Love This Cotton from Hobby Lobby. I really do love it. It's super soft. The rainbow turned out a little more pastel than I had intended, but it's still a fun set.

The hat pattern was a tweaked version of the beanie from The Happy Hooker. The scarf was made with the One Warm Coat pattern from Red Heart.

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