Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Big Bedroom Switcharoo

When we purchased our little house several years ago, we were excited that each kiddo would have their own bedroom. (We were moving from a little one bedroom cottage.) We closed on the house when I was 7 months pregnant, and I spent those last couple of months getting Vs bedroom just right.

And then she was born.

I nursed her on demand for 15 months, and not surprisingly, she ended up sleeping with us the whole time. No big deal, I thought. She'll move to her own room when she's a bit bigger.

She'll be 4 in two months, and guess what? She's still been sleeping in our (unbelievably crowded,) full size bed with us, along with the dog, and sometimes the cat. We're like human Tetris pieces.

She says she doesn't want to sleep in her room alone. Her brother does sleep in his own room, but he grumbles about having to be alone too.

After some deliberation, we decided to make a playroom and a bedroom. We traded in the kids' beds for bunk beds, and I've spent the week rearranging everything.

It's early yet, but so far, I'm loving this arrangement. The toys are all centrally located, which means only one enormously messy room. V isn't loving the transition, but she is trying.

A few less preschooler kicks in the kidneys at night is icing on the cake.


  1. very cool love their rooms. My girls share one room as a bedroom and have the other as a playroom. :)

    Bunk beds are cool! and love their neat playroom wish ours was that neat. It looks like a tornado went through it