Tuesday, April 24, 2012

V is 4, and She's Doing Chores

Parenting and child development books will tell you that little ones just love to help out around the house.

L has always been the exception to this rule. Even as a little guy, he was decidedly uninterested. Now, at nearly 7, he does help a little, but not without lots of proverbial sticks and carrots, (punishments and rewards.) I've chalked it up to his personality, and possibly his ADHD. He doesn't seem to notice messiness, and at times he's sort of a whirling tornado of sloppiness. We're working with him, but I don't believe he'll ever love housework.

Imagine my surprise when V began to show a genuine interest in helping around the house a few months ago. It started with folding wash rags, and wiping the kitchen table occasionally, and has progressed considerably.

She's now able to fold wash cloths, dish towels, hand towels, cloth napkins, hankies, etc. She also helps put away a lot of the laundry. She can wipe down and set the table, and has started putting her dishes away after meals. She loves to sweep.

It does take much more time to have a 4 year old do anything, but as time goes on, she's getting more efficient at everything. She's also very proud of her contributions.

I've been lavishing her with praise, and making sure daddy does as well. I look forward to a day when the kids are able to help significantly with the housework. (You know, since they do make approximately 80% of the messes.) I'm also really adamant about turning out young adults who know how to do things like basic cooking, cleaning, and laundry.

Do your kiddos do chores? Are they happy little helpers like V, or more reluctant workers like L? Got any great chore related tips to share?

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