Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cleaning Supplies for a Four Year Old

I mentioned several posts ago that 4 year old V had become my little helper around the house.

I was recently inspired to put together a little cleaning basket for her and her brother, after browsing through a Montessori catalog. I knew they'd love having "their own" things to clean with, and although the Montessori materials are always lovely to look at, I figured I could come up with something serviceable for a lot less cash.

I ended up picking up most of the supplies at the dollar store.

Preschooler's cleaning basket.

Our basket includes the following items:
Spray bottles, filled mostly with water, and a little Dr Bronner's soap.
Several microfiber towels
A Squeegee (possibly her favorite tool)
Several microfiber dusters

We also have a child sized broom and dust pan.

L is still a pretty reluctant cleaner, but V is now volunteering to clean the kitchen table and the windows.(Score one for mom, since it had been uh, a while since I cleaned the windows.) She also sweeps with me every day.

She's feeling very proud of her contributions, and is learning real life skills. I've been guilty at times of underestimating what little kids could really do, but I stand corrected.


  1. that is adorable! maybe if my girls had cute basket and spray bottles they would clean their room more :)

    heck maybe if a had a cute basket and spray bottles I'd enjoy cleaning more ;)!!!!

  2. mba for working professionals
    cap is lovable! perhaps if my young ladies had charming crate and splash bottles they would clean their room more :