Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tie Dye Party Table

In May, the United Methodist Women's group at my church is holding a fundraiser brunch for ladies and girls. They've asked for volunteers to each take one table and decorate it in a fun theme, with some related party favors for the attendees.

I was asked to do a table, and naturally, someone suggested that my table should be tie dye themed. I decided to run with a slightly broader theme, the groovy 60's, (well, as much of the 60's as would be appropriate for a church brunch. LOL.) 

Semi precious chip necklaces.
First off, I decided everyone needed some cool beads, so I dug out my much neglected jewelry making supplies, and made some long, beaded necklaces out of semi precious chips. They're theme appropriate, but also, they're actually pretty and wearable. (I have some I wear, anyway.)

I went to the party store, and picked up some cute lollipops and buttons.

Tie dyed bandannas.
I tie dyed some bandannas, (to be used as 'do rags or head bands.)

Record bowl full of party favors.
I made some record bowls to hold everyone's goodies, which also included some fun stickers and the covered notebooks I blogged about recently.

Hobby Lobby had some adorable plates on sale, so I made a tiered cupcake stand with a dollar store candle stick.

They'll hold "tie dyed" cupcakes in tie dyed patterned liners, packaged to go, since they're apparently already serving dessert. (They're shown here unfrosted, before I pop them into the freezer for later.)

Tie dye themed party table.
I did a little trial run of the table to see how everything looked. (The table was cute, the background of my demolished kitchen in the midst of the remodel was terrible.) The place mats are made of laminated wrapping paper. The empty Starbucks bottles have a strip of the tie dyed paper glued on, and will hold a flower at each place. Apparently the church will be using their own dishes and tablecloths, in case you're wondering why I didn't use any.

I was a little nervous about doing this, since I have no idea what kind of themes everyone else has come up with, but it was fun to plan.

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