Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A cautionary tale of sleep deprived crafting.

This morning I decided to make some of those scribble crayons you see all over the web.
Broken crayons? Check.
Fun heart shaped mold? Check.
Brains? ....

I put them in the oven, on 250 degrees, as per the instructions. I made a mental note to check them in about 5 minutes. I goofed around for a couple of minutes, and then ran a bath for the kids and I. We then took a leisurely bath. After I got out, I kept thinking...what's that awful smell?
And then I remembered.
I ran to the oven to find that although thankfully nothing was on fire, the crayons were very very hot and overly melted. After they cooled off, I tried to unmold them, and found that I had actually sort of melted the mold. Argh. It took half the day for the house to air out.

The result:
No crayons.
I had to throw the mold in the trash.
Funky smelling house.
Disappointed son.

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