Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Week, everyone.

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We spent yesterday afternoon outside. In honor of Earth Week, we decorated and filled a milk carton bird feeder for the back yard.
We also planted some rosemary and wildflower seeds in a couple of pots. I have a brown thumb, and usually kill everything, but this year I'm trying to do better. We have a little container garden on the front porch, and so far it's doing pretty well. Anyway, after that, I raked a little patch in the yard to plant some wildflower seeds in. The ground was pretty hard, so I ended up having to loosen up the soil with a trowel. Once we got down on the ground, we found TONS of earthworms, much to L's delight. We held some of them, and looked at them, and discussed what they did for the soil, and how cool it was that God made worms to help keep the soil healthy for the plants. L had fun watering the seeds, since mud is one of his favorite things.
After the planting was done, he played in the mud for a while.

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We're sure enjoying the nice weather here. It won't be long before its too hot to play outside most of the day.

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  1. LOVE nice weather and I love to have bird feeders... nothing better than sitting outside and watching the birds!
    ENJOY your weekend!