Monday, April 20, 2009

Picky kids

Argh. C had to go back to work today. I'm going to miss him. So are the kids.
V has just cut two more teeth, for a total of 10. She sure has a lot of teeth for someone who's still pretty ambivalent about solid food. My feeling is that she's going to have some sensory issues, like L. She doesn't like a lot of the things that one normally feeds an older baby or toddler. No oatmeal, no scrambled eggs, nothing "sticky". We're sort of in a food rut here, with both kids. What do your little ones like to eat? I could use some new ideas...


  1. sorry, i am no help with food ideas here. we are in a hot dog and macaroni and cheese rut. i love all of your recycled and tie dye stuff. very cool. i am totally forwarding your blog to my sister to check out too! by the way, found you through sits!

  2. have you tried purred fruits or veggies?

  3. Yep. She likes pureed fruits and veggies, but I'm having trouble getting her to expand much beyond that. By a year old, my son was eating anything he could get in his mouth. This baby, not so much.