Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Weekend Update

Yesterday we decided to take advantage of our zoo membership one last time, since it expires later this month. We had fun, but I wasn't thinking that there would be what seemed like millions of school kids there, on their end of year field trips. C and I could only stand it for about an hour. Too crowded.
After that, we went to the mall to spend a Build-A-Bear gift card I won on a blog giveaway about 6 months ago. I was still hanging onto it because we hardly ever go to the mall. L had a lot of fun picking out a bear, and big boy underwear for it (like his).
Finally, we hit a thrift store on the way home, and I scored a little bag of vintage wool yarn. (yay!) My fingers are itching to start crocheting again regularly. I used to be constantly working on something.
We came home, and C cooked dinner, and then I made our favorite summertime dessert, chocolate covered strawberries. (Incidentally, not the teensy strawberries from the garden. hehehe. These came from the grocery store.)
It was a lovely day, and good for all of us, since the kids and I have been having some major cabin fever lately.
Today I am going to spend some time doing lesson plans for next week, and maybe kool aid dyeing some yarn. C is taking L to the hardware store for parts needed to fix our running toilet, and then they're going to fix the toilet together. That will be the highlight of L's day.
Have a nice weekend, everyone. I'll be back to posting more regularly Monday.

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  1. Oh, I would have left the zoo, too. I can't stand being places that are over-crowded!

    Great yarn score! I love to crochet! I found some cool bargains at the thrift store today, too. I'll have to post about them later on my personal blog-- Ramblin' Roads.

    And I stopped by the PO while I was out, so your book is in the mail! Enjoy! (Be sure and stop by Roads to Learning this week and leave a comment for this week's giveaway! You might win again... you never know!