Saturday, June 6, 2009

A day in the life of...

Yesterday morning, we had school in the yard again. L did some math worksheets, and we did some lacing cards together. After that, he finger painted while I tried out the new setacolor paints I got on clearance at Michael's the other day. (The results were just ok, in case you're wondering. The paints don't go very far, and I ran out midway through a project.)
After school, the kids played in the water for a while, and then we had a picnic (actually just leftover takeout pizza,) in the yard. Then is was time to give everyone another bath. L had been playing with shaving cream, and was totally covered.
V took a little nap, and while L was supposed to be napping, he wet his bed (with daddy in it...better him and not me for a
After nap, we loaded up and went to the garden center. L enjoyed looking at the resident African Grey parrot and Sun Conure, even though they just glared at him, and didn't say anything. Both kids liked looking at the teeny little mosquito fish. We also saw several little gray lizards, which Levi said were named "mom" and "dad. We picked up a few flowers and plants for the garden, and let L pick out a cactus for himself. He must have seen something about Texas being full of cactus, because now he's forever looking for cactus, and when he can't find any, he says we must not live in Texas.
After that, we we stopped by the natural foods store. L was shockingly happy to see that there was a clown there making balloon animals. (I figured he'd be scared.) We waited in line forever, and finally he got a balloon zebra.
Finally we came back home and had dinner, and then worked in the yard a while. When L poured a whole shovelful of dirt down the back of my pants, it was time to take the kids back inside for the night.
After another bath, L went to bed. V wouldn't go to sleep though, and stayed awake until about 11:00. After she dozed off, I fell into my nightly coma, which was interrupted once every hour or two throughout the night by baby V.

C is off work again today. I'm hoping to fininsh planting the stuff we bought yesterday, and sneak off to the library without the kids. Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. What a wonderful day. Aside from the bedwetting....

  2. That sounds like a full day! I'm amazed at how much you get accomplished.
    Thank you for the off coupons. They came today.

  3. I just tagged you for the 6 unimportant things that make you happy.

  4. It was a great day.(They're surely not all like that, and especially lately.) The kids were mostly cooperative, and my husband was around to wrangle them with me when they weren't. I wish he were home more.
    Thanks pucktricks. I'll come up with my 6 things and post them later.

  5. I am like totally dominating this comment form. Oh well. It's the Handwriting Without Tears blocks