Sunday, June 7, 2009

WFMW Save money and room on your bookshelf

The other day, I managed to sneak off to the library without the kids, and picked up:

* lots of gardening books and even a couple of gardening DVDS.

*Some fun crafts books for me and the kiddo.

*Some early childhood homeschool-y books.

*A stack of books about Autism.

*Several PBS DVDs for my son

*Season 2 of House on DVD.

That's several weeks of quality entertainment and education for me and the kiddos, and it was free. Additionally, I'll have time to crochet the one or two patterns I like in each book, do the one or two crafts with my son that seem interesting, and then return the books, saving me precious space in our small house. If I end up buying any of the books later, it will because I've already read through them, and they're actually worth having.

Being entertained for free works for me. Utilize your local library.

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  1. I fully agree! THe only bad thing is my library is tiny, and I like to scan books before choosing them...but I end up just ordering the books through the internet and pick them up at the libary that way. Hit and miss! But free!

  2. Oh yeah! We love the library! The kids can't wait to go, although I prefer to go for my own stuff alone, because magically their patience only lasts long enough for them to pick out their own books!

  3. I love the library! I really love library sales!

  4. Annette, ours is the same. I feel bad that I end up requesting a lot of books that don't end up being that awesome after all, and never finish being read, but at least I didn't buy them. lol.
    Mommy4life, My son's patience lasts exactly that long too. Argh.
    Veggiemomof2, I love library sales too. My husband, not so much. You can almost hear his soul groan when I excitedly mention there's one coming up. ;)

  5. I go to Amazon and read through the synopsis and reviews of books, then order them online for library pick up.
    If I love a book, I by it used through Amazon or
    I have some great gardening and craft and spiritual books I've bought for under 2.00 plus shipping. Some for 75 cents.
    Not to mention free the dvd's and cd's.
    Free books, movies and music, I LOVE the library.