Friday, July 17, 2009

Crafting as meditation (or how I stay sane...)

I've been thinking lately about why I have such a huge drive to craft, to make things.
It seems counter intuitive that I craft more when I'm tired. Or stressed. Or worried. Or already have too much to do. Most folks would correctly point out that I could cut out all the extra projects and free up some time and energy.
I've realized though that my crafting serves a greater purpose than just making objects. After all, I could easily go purchase a similar version of whatever I'm making. It's not like we're talking about one of a kind artwork here.
The truth is that crafting is one of a very few things that allow me to turn off the constant inner monologue. Sleep does occasionally. (But sleep is a rarity around here these days.) Not much else does.

Anyway, things have been fairly stressful here lately. I'm tired and worried. And I have a lot to do. But I've been crafting a lot. In the last couple of weeks, I've made 11 hats and three pillowcases for Craft Hope, a baby hat for another baby, 3 hats for the hubby and kiddos, 2 scarves to put away as gifts for nieces, and a good start on a blanket for mom.

So why do you craft? What have you been making lately?
(Hmm..I just reread this, and I'm not sure it came out right. I guess what I'm meaning to say is that crafting relaxes me. It allows my to focus my thoughts on something repetitive and concrete. You know...yarn over, through the loop....knit and out in and out with the sewing needle...and so on. You know what I mean?)


  1. I think for me crafting is creating. Since I no longer dabble in drawing, painting, and the's good for me to create. Relaxing...not always, but such pride when it comes out well!

  2. I have been missing my crafting lately, but I agree that it is relaxing and a stress release. It also gives us something to show for our effort!

  3. It's a creative outlet. Also, this way I get compliments of "wow you made that." It's a nice way to get compliments.