Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Felt food and mail for the kiddos

I'm finally working on the felt food set I started eons ago. I purchased the pattern from Bugga Bugs on Etsy. She's got some fantastic patterns for sale. I still need to make the bread, banana, and cookie pieces. I got paranoid during the big toy recalls, and threw away the kids' plastic food, since they mouthed it, and I couldn't be sure it was safe.
I also started this mail set a long time ago, with intentions of making an elaborate set that included packages, letters, envelopes, postcards, a mailbox, and a mail bag. For now at least, I've run out of steam on the project, and just gave them these few finished pieces, two postcards and a large envelope, which you can fit the postcards into. In an effort to keep the project from taking years, I decided to just use puffy paint for the pictures, instead of embroidery, which would have undoubtedly looked prettier. At any rate, if your kiddo likes mail, this would be an easy enough project to whip up.

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