Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things I like Thursday: SafetyTats

L is a runner. From what I've read, and heard, that's pretty common to children with Autism/Asperger's/PDD, etc.
A few months ago, he scared us to death when he got up early in the morning, unlocked the front door, and wandered outside in only his pull up while we were sleeping. Thank God the lady across the street was outside, and noticed him. She alerted us to what he was up to, and we subsequently have added another lock and an alarm.
He also gets away from us in public. I'm not talk talking about what normally happens, where mom is shopping, and turns her head, and the kiddo sneaks off. I'm talking about us walking and holding his hand, and him breaking free, and running away at full speed. In the last six months or so, he's run away from me in a busy parking lot, at the museum, and in a clothing store. It's terrifying, and it typically takes a couple of minutes to get to him, as he's fast, and he hides. We've been using the toddler harness again, when necessary, as a means of preventing this. We've also been joking about writing "if lost, please return to___ " on his forehead with a Sharpie. (Gotta keep a sense of humor, right?)
Anyway, I recently won a sample package of SafetyTats in a blog giveaway, and I wanted to tell you about what a cool idea they are. The package I got was a pack of 4 Quick Stick Write-On Tattoos. It came with alcohol prep wipes, and a pen to personalize the tats with your phone number. They don't require water like regular temporary tattoos, but go on more like a Band-Aid. The company also offers made to order tattoos, in lots of fun themes, with your phone number pre-imprinted on them. They have designs that would alert others to allergies, autism, diabetes, and most important for L, (the train lover,) they even have a train design.
My SafetyTats are going in my purse, for the next time we head to the zoo, the mall, or the museum. I'll also be buying some more.
They retail for less than a dollar a piece, and that's a small price to pay for a little more piece of mind. This is such a good idea, and way cuter than a Sharpie on the forehead...


  1. Meghan seems to have some sensory issues...and is a runner. Thank you for this tip. Safety is important!

  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for coming over to Brown Couch Events. Our sister-in-law ( seems to have just gotten over the whole I'm-so-tired-what-country-am-I-in-again? phase, which we read about on her blog. Hope your phase passes soon and you get some more sleep!!!

  3. We sometimes used our business cards with a cell # and tuck them in the kids pockets, just in case.

    Thanks for sharing my special SITS day with me.

  4. I've occasionally thought of ordering those. They look very cool.