Friday, July 10, 2009


Yesterday baby V had her first major spill. She fell off a kitchen chair and hit her head. She subsequently became really drowsy and shaky, and threw up all over my bed. In a panic, I called my sister to come get L, and my husband to take V to the hospital with me. We called the pediatrician on the way out, and they said they'd work her in, so we took her there instead. They checked her out and said she was fine, and by that time she was acting basically normal again. Thank God!
She's a climber though, and we had to make her stop climbing on my sister's kitchen chairs just a little while later. Argh.


  1. How scary! Glad everything turned out okay!

  2. Oh, I'm glad she was okay! We've never had the throwing up scare after a fall but we have had some major sized knots on the head. My 3rd actually went through a period of a few months when he constantly had a knot on one or the other side of his forehead...and occasionally on both sides! We called them his "horns"!

  3. wow, very scary. I'm glad she's okay.