Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Greener Christmas (Book Review)

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We check a lot of books out from the library. The really good ones get checked out a couple of times, and the really really good ones eventually get purchased. I've checked this book out twice, and it's currently on my Paper Back Swap wishlist.

A Greener Christmas (ISBN # 9780756636937), is one of those all purpose, cooking, decorating, crafting for Christmas guides, but with a "green" slant. It includes lots of tips for making greener choices, and information about buying sustainably, and so on.

My favorite part of the book are the craft projects. Many of the crafts use recycled materials, or things found in nature. The end results are pretty, but equally important, they're doable for the average crafter.

The felt fabric garland is could easily be customized to whatever color scheme you like, and could be made out of the cheapy acrylic felt, felted sweaters, or wool felt, depending on budget and availability. You could also use the templates to make matching tree ornaments.

The felt bird ornaments are adorable, and would make a great small gift, especially for a nature lover.

There are two neat Advent calendar ideas in the book. The first are little treat sacks, to be numbered and hung on the tree. The second project is a garland of little numbered Christmas stockings. I really like both of these, and haven't decided which one I want to make...

The natural Christmas cards, made with found leaves, and seeds, and spices, would be a fun Advent activity to do with the kids.

There are also tons of yummy looking recipes, many of which are European in origin, and new to this Texas girl. Frankly I'm not a great cook, but if you were, you'd find lots of inspiration here.

Like most crafters, I've got Christmas on the brain this time of year. If you're looking for some new projects to try out this year, pick up a copy of this book, or better yet, request it from your inter library loan.

Now my disclosure:
I'm recommending this book based on my own positive opinion of it, nothing else. I received no promotional materials, samples, cash, or anything else from the writer or publisher.

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